College and Career Information

College and Career Information


OKCollegeStart offers guidelines of going to college. College candidates can find useful information about college application, costs and career planning.

GEAR UP - Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Oklahoma GEAR UP is a federally-funded program that provides college preparation programs and scholarships for middle school and high school students. Educators can take advantage of professional development activities.


Careers in Science Videos

Careers in Science interviews individuals who successfully built careers in each field of science.

Sloan Career Research Center

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center helps with pre-college career planning regarding course selection, program participation, scholarship/internship and other activities.

The Vega Science Trust: Career in Science

There are a lot of job options and opportunities after you receive education or training on science-related topics.

USGS Geography
It provides information about Geography and what scientists in the field are working on.

Women are Scientists

The women with Disabilities video is from this site. Individual teachers can request others from the series as well.

Career Videos (for grades 6-8)

This series of videos is very kid-friendly and designed for ages 6 to 8 to explore a diverse set of careers.