Biology and Health Related Resources

American Physiological Society

The American Physiological Society is a non-profit organization that promotes education, research, and the spread of information in physiological sciences.

Carolina Biological Supply

Carolina Biological Supply is a supplier of biological and science teaching materials.

Genomic Science Program - U.S. Department of Energy

The Genomic Science Program is a program that studies plant and microbial genomes in order to devise biological approaches to problems such as producing biofuels and cleaning contaminated environments.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

HHMI is a non-profit medical research organization that works primarily in biomedical research and science education. HHMI has a grant program that funds research grants for individuals and science education grants for institutions.
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From the website: "Affymetrix believes that an informed and educated public can make the best use of genetic information. The following links list valuable resources for educators and students for learning more about genes and ethics."

CDC Education

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have provided a list of health-related resources for educators.

National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education

This page links to many educational resources that the National Institutes of Health offer. Resources are organized by topic and format.